Visit These 4 Camden, Maine, Beaches

Midcoast Maine is a waterside oasis. From the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to small freshwater beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the water’s edge during a trip to our area. The beach

Our Garden

  The Garden at the Camden Maine Stay Inn, which at over an acre feels more like a small park, is really coming into its own.  The ferns are waist

A Great Lobster Shack

Yesterday the McLoons Lobster Shack reopened for the season. If you come to the area don’t miss to pay a visit here. The food is excellent, the scenery is wonderful and

Wonderful Lighthouses Near the Camden Maine Stay Inn

Everybody knows Maine for its lighthouses. There are many along its beautiful coast. Fourof the most beautiful are near Camden The Curtis Island Lighthouse is at the entrance of Camden’s harbor. It is accessible only

Lighthouses Near Camden

Maine is famous for its lighthouses. Actually more than 60 dot its picturesque coast. Their importance, in the time of Radar, Loran and GPS is not anymore what it used