Merryspring Nature Center

Fall In Love With the Stunning Merryspring Nature Center


The Merryspring Nature Center is a 66-acre sanctuary that offers a serene escape to nature lovers. With its diverse gardens and trails, it’s a perfect spot for families, hikers, birdwatchers, gardeners, and wildlife enthusiasts looking to explore Maine’s natural beauty and illustrate the wide appeal of its landscapes and educational offerings.​ If you love nature, this must-see is the perfect addition to your vacation itinerary.


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Explore Merryspring Nature Center Wonders

About the Center

Merryspring Nature Center stands as a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna and a center for education and community engagement. With programs that run throughout the year, visitors can deepen their understanding of horticulture and natural history.


Gardens and Arboretum

The Center boasts diverse gardens, including the enchanting Ring Garden, a fragrant herb garden, a bird-friendly native shrub border, and a vibrant pollinator garden. It also features a serene Hosta garden, an engaging children’s garden, and the Kitty Todd Arboretum, home to 35 native Maine tree species. The Aileen Lubin Greenhouse complements these, nurturing seedlings and offering educational insights into seed starting for young learners.


Hiking Trails

Merryspring’s trails beckon the curious to explore. With almost four miles of trails, guests can enjoy various trails like the Interpretative Trail, an educational journey past the park’s many natural features. While the Perimeter Trail invites a leisurely stroll around the Nature Center’s boundaries. Those looking for more adventure can ascend the North Meadow Trail to the highest point on the property or check out the other trails.


Enchanted Encounters at Merryspring

Merryspring Nature Center’s Vernal Pool is a seasonal wonder, teeming with aquatic life and a hotspot for early spring wildlife and education. Nearby, the Fairy Village captivates imaginations, inviting visitors to a whimsical world amidst the trees. Together with its picturesque setting for weddings, Merryspring has a unique combination of natural enchantment, perfect for memorable moments and nature-inspired celebrations.


Events and Activities

The Center boasts many events throughout the year, catering to diverse interests. Some notable events include workshops on apple pruning, the health benefits of edible berries, and conservation landscape certification. Additionally, activities like ecology walks and seed-starting workshops are offered, demonstrating Merryspring’s commitment to education and community engagement in natural and environmental sciences.​


Location, Hours, and Admission

Merryspring is located behind the Camden Hannaford Supermarket, just minutes from Camden Maine Stay Inn. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Admission is free, but donations and volunteers are greatly appreciated. It’s a peaceful retreat where the beauty of Maine can be enjoyed throughout the seasons​​.


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