Day Trip to Owl’s Head

Discover the Ultimate Hidden Gem: Day Trip to Owls Head


Looking for an excursion not far from Camden? Embark on a day trip to Owls Head, a charming spot that merges history and nature into a delightful experience. Just a brief drive from Camden, Owls Head invites you to uncover its historic roots and scenic outdoor wonder. It’s an enchanting destination for anyone drawn to Coastal Maine’s storied landscapes and tranquil beauty.


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Your Guide to a Day Trip to Owls Head from Camden

Brief History of the Town

Just 25 minutes south of Camden, Owls Head blends maritime heritage with natural allure. Officially a town since 1921, its iconic lighthouse and the Owls Head Transportation Museum spotlight its coastal and transportation history. The lighthouse, dating back to 1826, alongside the headland’s owl-like shape, highlights the town’s unique charm and deep-rooted connection to Maine’s maritime traditions.


Owls Head State Park and Lighthouse

Located in the serene coastal beauty of Maine, Owls Head State Park is a sanctuary for nature lovers and a prime spot for lighthouse enthusiasts. Home to the historic Owls Head Light, which stands majestically atop a rugged cliff offering unparalleled views of Penobscot Bay, the park invites visitors into Maine’s rich maritime history. With its inviting hiking trails, picturesque picnic spots, and tranquil beaches, it’s an idyllic setting for those seeking to explore the natural landscape or capture the perfect photograph against the stunning backdrop of one of Maine’s most beloved lighthouses.


Owls Head Transportation Museum

Rain or shine, the Owls Head Transportation Museum is a fascinating indoor destination for all ages. The museum features an exceptional display of vintage aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, carriages, and engines celebrating the evolution of transportation. Interactive exhibits and live demonstrations provide an engaging experience, making it a highlight for history buffs and technology enthusiasts.


Where to Eat

No day trip to Owls Head is complete without savoring what’s touted as Maine’s best burger at the Owls Head General Store. Their iconic ‘Seven Napkin Burger’ has earned its name for a deliciously juicy, flavor-packed experience that’s as authentically Maine as the lighthouses dotting the coast. While renowned for its hearty burgers, the store is a treasure trove of local favorites, from crab rolls and homemade baked goods, like their delicious fudge, to deli sandwiches, gifts, and more. The store reflects this small town’s charming spirit.


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