Lighthouses Near Camden

Maine is famous for its lighthouses. Actually more than 60 dot its picturesque coast.

Their importance, in the time of Radar, Loran and GPS is not anymore what it used to be.
But the fashion remains the same. They have always attracted and will always attract people willing to visit them and to see the usually beautiful location.

Camden has at least 4 of them in the near.

Camden Lighthouses

  1. The first one is right at the entrance of the harbor, on, which is only accessible by boat. It’s a beautiful view, from a boat or just from the coast.
  2. The second one is the Breakwater Lighthouse, 8 miles south from Camden, in Rockland. There is an amazing walk in the middle of the water on a 7/8-mile-long breakwater. The lighthouse is at the end of it.
  3. The third is the Owl’s Head Lighthouse, 14 miles south of Camden, in Owl’s Head. A beautiful short walk on the edge of the ocean from the parking lot brings you to the wonderful location where the lighthouse is. The view from the top of the little hill where the lighthouse is located is breathtaking.
  4. The fourth is the Marshall Point Lighthouse, 26 miles south of Camden, in Port Clyde. It became recently very well known with the movie Forrest Gump, as this is the location where Tom Hank’s non-ending run finally ends. Apart from this the beauty of the location and the originality of the lighthouse are really unique. There is also a small, but very interesting museum.