Chocolate Lovers

Can we be candid? We love chocolate — in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and in all kinds of cacao concentrations and flavor combinations. And we know we’re not alone in this love affair with chocolate. To satisfy this craving, we offer our guests the Chocolate Lovers package in which we assemble a tasty array of chocolates prepared by award-winning chocolatiers from the Midcoast of Maine. These local artisans take great pride in using only the finest and freshest of organic, fair-trade ingredients and in hand-crafting their chocolate delicacies in small batches. We’re certain you’ll agree with us that the time and attention invested in making these wonderful chocolates trump a trip to the grocery store any day of the week.

Price: $60 | Number of days of advance notice needed: 2

Reserve this package by booking online here or calling us at (207) 236-9636.