A Maine traditional lobster bake

Have you ever been to a real, true, traditional on-the-beach Maine clambake and lobster feast? We have recently been invited to an open-air party where they made the traditional lobster bake (and there was much more than that!). It was amazing; we have never seen something like this! The lobsters were baked on a bed of seaweed, which were placed over a very hot iron platform with lots of fire underneath. We are happy to share this video  with you to give you a feeling (unfortunately not the taste!). This is the real way how lobster is enjoyed on the coast of Maine.

Pumpkin Season

The pumpkin season is here!

It’s that time of the year again, when the trees bring out those wonderful colors, the skies are bright and the air is crisp. Those are probably the most beautiful days here in Maine.  Of course it’s pumpkin season here too, and Roberta just went to the Beth’s Market to pick up some nice ones to decorate the Inn.  Come and enjoy them, you will discover that the Autumn has filled the rooms of our Inn with its beautiful colors.  In Beth’s Market there were also some wonderful mums, and Roberta couldn’t resist to pick up a few of them. The choice was wonderful, as you can see here.





Rome became American!


Yes, Rome became American!

That doesn’t mean that the Americans invaded Italy! They only bought A.S. Roma Soccer Club, one of the most important soccer club in Italy.
Thomas Di Benedetto (one of the partners of the Boston Red Sox), Jim Pallotta (co-owner of the Boston Celtics), Michael Ruane and Richard D’Amore are four Bostonians, clearly of Italian origins.
They invested a good amount of money to buy the team which is in the heart of 70% of the Roman soccer fans (me included!).

A.S. Roma Soccer Club was founded in 1927 when three of the four soccer teams of Rome merged to create the capital’s soccer club. The teams were called Alba, Fortitudo and Roman. The forth team, Lazio, preferred to remain out, and since then Lazio has become the most bitter opponent of Roma. As one English friend who lives in the States once said “the intensity of the passion that you see in the Superbowl is nothing compared to the derbies between Roma and Lazio”.

Good luck Thomas, Jim, Michael and Richard, but most of all… good luck Roma!


Happy Birthday, Italy!


1861. Italy is finally just one country. Two war of independence and a long work of the people who strongly believed in this project, like Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour finally came to a conclusion. The eight previous states, often in the hands of foreign countries, merged into one, under the kingdom of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia.

Still more had to come in order to call Italy also the remaining parts. One more war of independence, battles to free also the region of Veneto and, finally, Rome and what was the powerful Papal State.

Then, with the first world war, the unification was completed with the region of Trentino, Alto Adige and Venezia Giulia.

So, 85 years after the American Independence, Italy could at last try the wonderful taste of freedom.

Did you know that in the same year, 1861, many Italians participated in the American civil war on both sides? Both took inspiration from Garibaldi. The “Italian Legion” had a tricolor Ribbon on the American Flag with the writing “Vincere o morire” (to win or to die).

With this little note we mean to express our love for our country, but also the love for the country we are in now. A country that came to freedom before us, which showed us the way, and which has made freedom part of its blood.

Tanti auguri to Italy and USA!

Roberta & Claudio